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Girls' Trip!

by: sabrina forse

You don’t have to drive far to feel a world away when you’re looking for a weekend roadtrip destination.  Recruit your friends for a girls’ trip where you can escape work and busy schedules. Here are a few tips to help get you started while staying on a budget. 


• Plan Ahead: Everyone is so busy that it’s best to find a weekend that everyone can mark off the schedule. 

• Pick a Place: You don’t have to go far to enjoy a weekend away, check out some nearby cities that are full of fun you have not experienced before. 

• Keep it Small: Share the trip with two to three girlfriends.  Keeping the count low avoids the need for more than one vehicle, allows you to split a room and mitigates the drama. 

• Rest Your Head: It’s best to know where to rest your head before you jump in the car. Explore destination bed and breakfasts or small boutique hotels to get the best local flavor. If you’re making a weekend trip to a smaller town, booking ahead is best to avoid a “no vacancy” challenge. For those with tight budgets, check out camping sites with public facilities or take your vintage camper along. 


• Entertain: Check the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for a calendar of events for festivals, concerts and exhibits. The Visitor’s Center is a great place to get coupons and discounts on favorite attractions. 

• Educate: Museums are a great place to educate and entertain. From history to art and sometimes even wacky, museums are a great place to learn more about any destination. 


• Eat: Sample the local flavors. Skip the chain restaurants where you can eat anytime and opt for homegrown favorites. 

• Exercise: If your best pals enjoy exercise, seek out the scenic views of the town. Most areas have walking paths and parks. You can rack up your steps while enjoying the views. Right around the corner there are nature centers to enjoy while sticking to your new year’s resolution. 

• Shop: Don’t return home empty-handed. Make sure you visit local shops for interesting finds and souvenirs from your girls’ weekend. Downtown shopping is often synonymous with local finds. Always follow the signs to “historic attractions.”

• Adventure: Don’t forget to seek out adventure while you’re away. Whether it’s trying new food or trying a new activity you wouldn’t normally do, this is the place to do it. Get away doesn’t have to mean “far away” it’s about taking a break from your normal routine. 

• Selfies: Don’t forget to bring along your charger and keep your phone charged, not only for safety but for selfies. Capture your favorite weekend spots and memories so you and the gals can reminisce while planning the next trip.

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