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You've Been Egged!



•  You've Been Egged!

This week try this Social Distancing Activity to bring a SWEET Surprise to your neighbors and friends. 

First WASH YOUR HANDS then FILL up a bunch plastic eggs with pre-wrapped candy, small treats or toys, BUT leave one EMPTY or fill it with a note that says HE IS RISEN. 

Print this FREE EGG image at home OR have your kids color their own and leave it in their mailbox or where they will see it (at a safe social distance of course). 

Your children will have a BLAST picking who to deliver surprise eggs, not to mention the challenge of hiding eggs before you are discovered. And of course have you and your children sanitize hands before and after each drop off. 

 "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." Matthew 28

Here's some other fun and memorable ways to tell your kids the story of Jesus’ burial and resurrection. 

•  Re-read the story of the resurrection Luke 24:1-12


•  Sing “Shout Hosanna!” (aka the “Jumping Up and Down Song!”)



•  Make Resurrection Rolls.  

This is a fun recipe that you can make with your kids which symbolizes the tomb is empty Jesus is risen!

Tutorial video CLICK HERE 

•  Discuss Jesus’ resurrection = new life. Go on a “New Life Walk.” Look for signs of new life in God’s beautiful nature.


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