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Celebrating Your Senior When Everything is Cancelled

It is time to get creative. The High School Senior Class of 2020 is graduating without most of the pomp and circumstance, tradition, and parties that would normally be celebrated this season. Let's talk about How to Celebrate Your Senior When Everything is Cancelled.

Graduation Parties
While still not the same as getting to hug your friends, a front yard “Drive By” Graduation Party is possible. Decorate your front yard with balloons, signs, and pictures of the graduate and invite all of your family and friends to “Drive By.”


More Graduation Ideas ...

  • Reach out to friends and family, ask them to flood your graduate with cards and well wishes.
  • Order in/make a special dinner for your senior on the original night of the graduation.
  • Support your local bakery and get a cake, cookies, or other special dessert.
  • Host a virtual party.


Bring a Sense of Humor

The senior class of 2020 will never forget their graduations, proms, parties, sports seasons, and other activities that did not happen. While they may not want to acknowledge it right now, they will tell their grandchildren about this. Anytime they meet someone later in life who was also a graduate of the class of 2020, they will swap stories.

So, go ahead and take some pictures with everyone wearing masks and holding bottles of hand sanitizer. Measure out 6 feet and take pictures “social distancing.” Record the history that they are a part of.

  Photo booth props are available in the Almost Empty Nest store for just this purpose.

Enlist Help from Others

Enlist help from those who have been a huge part of  your child's life – coaches, teachers, ministers, and others, to keep your senior encouraged by writing notes, FaceTime or drive bys.

Get Excited About the Future

Times are tough right now, but they will not be like this forever. Parties will happen again. Travel will happen again. These kids will get to go to college at some point. So, let's plan for those days.

Plan a College Send Off party late in the summer  instead of the originally planned graduation party.

Plan a trip for later in the summer or later this year

Start shopping for the dorm. It can be a nice distraction from what is not happening right now to think about what will happen later.

It's true. This stinks for this senior class. It is our job to help it stink less and to celebrate ALL of their accomplishments and send them off to their new futures in style.


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