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Strawberries and Cream Sandwiches


  • 15 Full Graham Crackers
  • 8 oz Lite Cool Whip
  • 8-10 Strawberries


  • Cut strawberries into small pieces and fold into a bowl of cool whip

  • Break each full graham cracker in half to make smaller squares, 30 total

  • Line bottom of baking pan or cookie sheet with 15 small graham cracker squares, make sure they are all touching

  • Spread cool whip with strawberry mixture over top of graham crackers like you are icing a cake

  • Top mixture with remaining 15 graham crackers

  • Freeze overnight, once ready to serve sandwiches should easily break apart

You can substitute the strawberries with anything you want! Other fruits, chocolate chips, maybe even your favorite nuts. Get even more fancy and dip the sides in sprinkles! These are seriously delicious!
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