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DIY Fall Wreaths

Since it often doesn’t FEEL like Fall in West Texas until around Thanksgiving, the best way to make at least LOOK like it is to begin with your own home. And what better place to start than with your front door?

Buying your own wreath to mark each new season can be pricey, so we found a step-by-step how-to for your own DIY version at Krista Aasen’s 2018 blog, The Happy Housie (

1.       Find the sales: Check out sales at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, or look for each store’s sale coupons online.

2.       Gather your goods: For Krista’s cool blue and violet fall wreath, she used a grapevine wreath form, a few faux maple leaf branches, various berries in purple, white, and blue, a violet hydrangea, and three palm-sized plastic pumpkins. But go with whatever colors and flower/leaf combination makes you feel most festive. You will also need a glue gun and wire cutters.

3.       Next, create the wreath foundation by cutting the leaf pics apart and tucking them throughout the wreath, using your glue gun to secure pieces as needed.

4.       Once your foundation of whatever leaves you selected is in place, it’s time to fill the wreath in with your larger pieces (in this case, the hydrangea and pumpkins, the latter of which Krista painted white with chalk paint). Krista chose to create five separate focal points: three with the pumpkins and two with the hydrangeas.

5.       Then, layer in your less prominent pieces, such as the berries, but first cut the stems, then fill in any gaps on the wreath that you see. Keep layering (and gluing) until you reach the desired fullness.

6.       Tie a piece of twine behind the wreath and voila! You’ve created your own custom, inexpensive statement piece that looks like Fall even if it doesn’t feel like it yet outside.  


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