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Creative Thanksgiving Teacher Gifts

If ever there was a year to be thankful for our teachers, it's this year!  Here are some simple ideas for a Fall gift your teachers are sure to love.  More than the gift itself, these little expressions of gratitude will encourage our educators in a very trying and stressful year. 

1. Cinnamon Stove Top Simmer Kit. 
What a simple way to enjoy being home for the Thanksgiving holiday than to have the homemade smells of fall simmering on the stove!  Just use a cellophane bag and tie with a festive ribbon or twine.  
  • cinnamon sticks
  • apple peels
  • orange rinds
  • whole cloves


2. Thanks A Latte
This “thanks a latte” gift is adorable and easy to whip up. Most teachers won’t turn away this little jolt of caffeine, and you have no excuses because this is so simple to put together.  Visit Kinder Craze for this cute printable tag!


3. Blessing Bag
These blessing bags, packed with all their favorite goodies like foods and beauty products are the perfect gift idea. My kiddos' teachers gave us a favorite things list at meet the teacher with all their favs listed.  Stick to their wishlist and they are sure to love it!  This gift takes a little more prepping, but there’s no denying how much your teachers will be blessed.  Visit The Dating Divas for the bag printable.


4.  Fall Scented Soap or Hand Sanitizer
Was there ever a more fitting gift for a teacher than soap or sanitizer?  Especially this year with health safety measures at the forefront of everyone's minds! Visit Simply Made with Love for the cute printable!


5. A Thank You Card
Prayer is a powerful gift to give them.  It costs nothing and has the greatest return!  Writing them a few sentences thanking them for their time and attention to your child means so much.  Have your child write one of their own to go with yours!


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