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DIY Christmas tree ornaments

Let’s be honest, trimming the tree each year is often just one more thing on your holiday to-do list. But while I may not delight in adorning our Christmas tree with cookie-cutter store-bought ornaments, I love taking out the sweet ornaments my children made in school or pre-school. They make my tree unique and personalized and bring back memories of when my kiddos were younger. The ornaments they made with their tiny hands under the guidance of their teachers reminds of when they were little, and brings back fond memories.

But you don’t have to wait for your kiddos to start school – or even have a child in school – to start a tradition of DIY ornament making. Keep in mind that these also make great gifts for friends, family, grandparents, your pastor – or whomever you’d like to bless with a thoughtful, handmade (literally) gift!

I'm sharing my favorite ornament making idea for crafters of all ages, but be sure to check out for more DIY ornaments.

Salt Dough Hand Santa Ornament:


1.       1 Cup all purpose flour

2.       1/2 cup salt

3.       1/4 cup warm water (you may need to add a bit more)

4.       Craft paint and brushes

5.       Wax paper

6.       Butterknife

7.       The hand of a willing participant to make your Santa

(Note: Dough should not be sticky)



1.       Cut some dough, roll in into a ball, and flatten it to half an inch before placing it on the wax paper.

2.       Sprinkle flour all over the palm of a your little one’s hand (or your hand!) and lightly on the dough to prevent it from sticking.

3.       Press the hand firmly on the dough and lift carefully. Create a border using the butterknife around the edges.

4.       Place the handprint in the microwave and heat for 15 seconds. Repeat. Heat for another 20 seconds.

5.       Do this until the dough starts to dry out and change color (about 6 times

6.       Allow the dough to harden overnight before painting it. recommends painting the handprint white all over first before painting the details on the face, and the red in the hat. (Remember that the thumb part of your handprint will be Santa’s hat)

*You could also achieve different Christmas shapes (Christmas trees, gifts, etcetera) using a cookie cutter instead of someone’s hand.

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