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A Young Patissier

written by arissa viering | photos provided by the stewart family

Brady Stewart is not your ordinary 12-year-old. As a San Angelo native, Brady has a great amount of community support backing him as he continues to pursue his ambitious goals as a skilled chef. 

At his young age, Brady enjoys baking for his family and taught himself how to do so by watching tutorials on YouTube. Whether it be complex pastry tutorial videos or simple recipes from an Easy-Bake Oven, Brady is enticed by the notion of cooking and enjoys any new challenge he can find.

The Stewart family has a talent for baking among many generations. Brady stated he first saw examples of tasty masterpieces from his grandmother and great grandmother who baked various meals for family gatherings. He recalled one of his favorite meals being a Banoffee pie, a pie made of bananas and toffees, which his grandmother bakes. His mother also told him of a great recipe from his great grandmother for teacakes. 

Brady enjoys watching Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship and spoke frequently to his family about wanting to compete. When Brady originally applied to be on the contest, he wasn’t vocal to his family about it and filled out the fifty-question application online. However, when he and his family got the call from the championship’s production team, his dream of baking on the show became a reality. He and his surprised family celebrated the news after receiving the call in a Dairy Queen drive thru. 

Brady enjoys baking for his family and taught himself how to do so by watching tutorials on YouTube.

After sending photos of various baked goods, skype and phone interviews with the casting director, and a 3-day bootcamp in Los Angeles, Brady was one of nine contestants across the United States who entered the championship. Brady and his family kept a great amount of pride for his skills in baking as he entered the championship on national television. Despite the fast-paced environment and many challenges that came, Brady was honored to have been chosen to compete. 

Brady recalled his favorite baking creation as the Splatter Art Cakes, which was his first challenge in the kitchen. His first time baking on the show was “nerve-racking” as he was thrown into a new environment and was timed as he cooked. However, despite the challenges, his creation was within the top two out of the nine created that day. 

“I love baking, but I don’t know if it’s what I want. My mom is a nurse. She inspired me to want to be a doctor.”  
- Brady Stewart


Brady not only came away from the baking contest with memories of making sweet masterpieces, but also of making wonderful friends, including his new friend Dharma, who shared his love for cooking. After competing in the “Imposter Cake” challenge of the competition, Brady was sent home. However, he continues to keep in contact with all of the contestants he met. He and his family are proud of how far he has come. 

Today, Brady continues to passionately bake, but has many plans for his future. 
When asked if he sees baking as his future career, Brady stated, “I love baking, but I don’t know if it’s what I want.”

As the ambitious, young man that he is, Brady stated he would love to become a doctor one day. Specifically, Brady would like to study to become a pathologist. “My mom is a nurse. She inspired me to want to be a doctor,” he said. Brady recalled speaking with a close friend of his mother who is a pathologist. “He also studies pathology and is very passionate about helping others within the field,” Brady shared.

Both as a baker and future medical professional, Brady makes the town of San Angelo proud. “Everyone has been super supportive, and this has opened up so many opportunities within and outside the community.”

Brady continues to bake today and even has a Gateau cake in the oven during this interview. It can be trusted that Brady has a bright future ahead. Whether it be as a baker or doctor, Brady will succeed because he is both ambitious and has a giving heart. †

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