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Indoor Activities to Occupy Kids

With the weather outside unseasonably cold (even for West Texas), your kiddos might be feeling stir crazy on the weekends. Here are some activities to keep them busy, and warm, indoors. 

  1. Break out the board games
  2. Cook or bake together
  3. Have a dance party to a fun playlist
  4. Camp inside with pop-up tents or pillow forts
  5. Work on a puzzle together
  6. Write out a simple scavenger hunt for things to find around the house
  7. Visit the Public Library
  8. Read a chapter book together
  9. Hide a favorite toy and play "Hot Cold" to find it
  10. Download a new educational app
  11. Family movie night with hot chocolate
  12. Have a LEGO Masters challenge
  13. Write real hand written letters to each other
  14. Do a science experiment
  15. Do a fun craft project
  16. Give your kids 10 minutes of your undivided, screen-free, multi-tasking-free time.
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