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Clutter Free in 30 days

Spring is in the air, and with all things new and blooming comes a sense of wanting your home to be free of excess. It's always a good idea to take stock of your inventory of shoes, clothes, and your children's toys at least once a year. A good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn it or used it in a year, it's time to rehome it!  

Consider donating your gently used items to the NewBridge Family Shelter, Rust Street Ministries, or Goodwill.  You can also turn your kid's stuff into cash with the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale this May! As for makeup, food, and medicines, check the expiration date before deciding if it needs to be tossed. It is recommended that medications be mixed with items such as cat litter or coffee grounds when disposing. 

Use this 30-day list to tackle the clutter without feeling overwhelmed.

Day 1: TV stand
Day 2: Book collection
Day 3: Movies and CDs
Day 4: Shower (toiletries)
Day 5: Bathroom cabinets
Day 6: Makeup
Day 7: Jewelry
Day 8: Purse and wallet
Day 9: Hallway closet(s)
Day 10: Bedroom end tables
Day 11: Clothes and shoes
Day 12: Your spouse's clothes and shoes
Day 13: Your child or children's clothes and shoes
Day 14: Kid toys
Day 15: Office desk
Day 16: Refrigerator
Day 17: Freezer
Day 18: Medicine cabinet
Day 19: Under the kitchen
Day 20: Utensils
Day 21: Dishes
Day 22: Pots and pans
Day 23: Tupperware
Day 24: Pantry
Day 25: Spice rack
Day 26: Junk drawers
Day 27: Cleaning supplies
Day 28: Craft room 
Day 29: Other closets
Day 30: Other cabinets
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