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Go Green and Plant a Tree

While 20 years ago might have been the best time to plant a tree, the second best time is right now. However, in general, trees tend to be the happiest when planted late fall through early spring. This way, the heat of summer and the tree budding does not stress the root system while it is trying to get established.

Healthy Tree Tips

  • Plant the right tree in the right place
    Native tree species are usually a good choice because they are adapted to local soil and rainfall conditions. Be careful though; just because a tree is native to Texas, doesn't mean it will work in your yard.
  • Properly water
    Deep watering is important. Keep the hose handy and water the root zone of your tree twice per week during the growing season, and once per week during winter, for the first two years. Be careful not to drown the roots—they need air as well as water to grow.
  • Mulch
    Put a 3 or 4 inch layer of bark, leaves, or straw around the tree, keeping it 6”away from the trunk. Mulch helps to keep weeds and grass out, retains moisture, and moderates soil temperature.
  • Prune
    Before planting, take care to prune off all dead, damaged, or rubbing branches. Also, prune to develop a single primary trunk, and try to remove limbs that grow off of that trunk at a narrow angle (the strongest branches grow at a right-angle from the trunk).

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