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Date Your Mate

Written by Megan Lacefield

There is something about getting away from the everyday norms that creates space for connection. Take the time or make the time for you to be one-on-one with your spouse for a full 24 hours and you’ll discover so much about one another and build memories to strengthen and deepen your connection.

Why Overnight Dates?

As a young couple, we started making this a priority and saw it as a huge blessing to us and our kids. When we take time to get away with each other and focus on our relationship, laughing together and talking, we both come away with more energy and eagerness to tackle all that awaits us at home. Sometimes our overnight dates were 20 minutes from home, other times we “borrowed” a friend’s lake house and then there have been times where we took a gamble on a hotel without knowing where we were headed. 

Overnight dates don’t require a huge budget, but they do require some planning on each of our parts. Usually, we divvy up the responsibilities; I handle the kid’s arrangements and he plans our adventure. Follow these quick and easy steps to plan an overnight date for you and your spouse. Choose to be a tourist in your hometown or cities nearby and see what you can discover!

 Step 1

Pick your destination. Hopefully, you have a bucket list (if you don’t, create one on your first overnight date) of places you want to visit near and far. If not, this little Hometown Magazine is a great place to start. There are so many hidden gems right in your own backyard, so you probably don’t need to go far. Besides, who wants to waste this precious time in the car!

Step 2

Put it on the calendar. If you don’t make it a priority, it will never happen. Trust me, you’ll look up and realize it’s been over a year since your last getaway and you’re wondering what happened. 

Step 3

Plan the important stuff. Ask the grandparents, arrange for your favorite sitter, or work out a trade with close family friends. Make sure it’s someone you trust because the last thing you want to be worried about while you’re out on the town is your kids. Those mini-humans of yours get your time and attention 95% of the time and this is your opportunity to focus on each other. 

Step 4

Prepare by booking your hotel room or Air B&B and making dinner, spa, and/or brunch reservations. Take a few minutes to google top picks for restaurants or the best things to see in your area and find out if you need advanced reservations or tickets. 

Step 5

Pack your bags and getaway! Often, I will try and pick up a new outfit or pull something out of my closet I don’t wear very much that I know my spouse will love. I pack the necessities as well as a few surprises like a nice candle, massage lotion or our favorite beer or bottle of wine (don’t forget the opener).


10 Conversation Starters for Your Overnight Date

1. What’s your favorite part about the season of  life we are in right now? What’s your least favorite part?

2. What is one area where you have seen personal growth in yourself, in me and in us as a couple?

3. What is one new thing we want to try in the next 30 days?

4. What should we add to our bucket list that we  want to see or do together?

5. Where is your favorite spot in our home and why?

6. Who is your closest friend and what do you like about them?

7. What do you need from me right now?

8. Where do we  want to go on our next overnight date?

9. What three words describe our marriage currently?

10.  What three words do we want to describe our marriage?


20 Creative Things To Do on an Overnight Date Night

1. Listen to Live Music

2. Grab a picnic dinner from a nearby grocery store

3. Give each person $5 and 5 minutes to run in the convenience store and grab your spouse’s favorite drink/snack

4. Go to a Karaoke Bar

5. Play a few games at an arcade, laser tag, mini-golf or hit up the batting cages

6. Get physical-go for a walk or run at the local trails

7. Find the nearest state park and take a hike

8. Rent Bikes and ride them around downtown

9. Find a park you’ve never been to and PLAY

10. Find a little coffee shop and sit and chat

11. Run into Walmart and buy a new board game, find somewhere to sit and play

12. Go into a bookstore and find the joke books. Read some and laugh until you’re crying

13. Take a scenic drive and play the Alphabet Game just for kicks and grins

14. Find a bowling alley and set some fun rewards for the winner

15. Plan a progressive dinner where you try three different restaurants: one for appetizers & drinks, another for your main course and a third for dessert

16. Take a cooking class, pottery class or painting class

17. Stay in your hotel room ALL NIGHT and order in room service

18. Go to a concert or sporting event

19. Go dancing

20. Keep it a surprise and write down a bunch of ideas of things to do, put them in a jar and together pick out a few.


About the Author: Megan is married to her high school sweetheart, Chad. They’ve been married for over 25 years and have two adult kids. Chandler, who is 25, and Riley Chad, who is 21. They’re enjoying their empty nest and welcomed their first grandbaby over a year ago. Megan and Chad have loved and served the local church for the last twenty years. They are passionate about investing in marriages and have a heart to see families & marriages strengthened and restored. Megan loves to communicate truth through written and spoken words. She joined the team at elevateHim in 2018 to assist with content development. Megan and Chad have partnered with elevateHim to launch and lead the FULLY CONNECTED Marriage Ministry including events, curriculum, and training for couples of all ages and stages. †


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