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DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting

Everyone will want to sit at the kids' table with these cute Crayon turkeys!  Give each of your little turkeys something to do while waiting for the prayer and feast to begin.  Put down a coloring tablecloth, print off a coloring page placemat, or gift a small notepad to complete the place setting.


Find a branch that is about 3 inches in diameter. Use a miter saw to cut 2-inch slices. You can also purchase already sliced wooden discs from the craft store. 

Secure the slices in a vice and drill five holes using a 3/8-inch bit. To help evenly space the five holes, we started by drilling the center hole then worked our way out either side. Before drilling, you might want to see if your slices have a natural flat side and if so make sure this is the bottom. You can also just sand whichever side ends up being on the bottom so they won’t roll.

Visit Paging Supermom to download and print their Turkey Face Printable Template. Cut out the faces and secure with glue dots.  You could also draw a face on the wooden disc if you are confident in your art skills!

Courtesy of Paging Supermom

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