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New Year's Resolution Worksheet

New Year, new goals.  Everyone thinks about them, few set them, even fewer actually reach them.  Use this worksheet to make your New Year's resolution obtainable.

Your New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

1. First, write out your resolution. Make it as specific as you can (i.e., “lose ten pounds by May 31” instead of “get in shape this year”). Just writing your goal down makes it more likely you will achieve it. Congratulations!

2. Write down the payoff for achieving this that appeals to your values and emotions. For example, if you want to quit smoking, your compelling reason might be “I want to be healthy enough to dance with my 9 year old daughter when she gets married in about 20 years.”

3. How will you remind yourself of this reason? (Perhaps a picture of your daughter, or a woman in a wedding dress, in your office.)

4. Let’s anticipate trouble and head it off. What is the “payoff” from not changing? For example, smokers get a certain number of social breaks with their smoking buddies everyday. Or perhaps you put off a project that feels “difficult” or “overwhelming.”

5. How can you get that payoff another way? Maybe you take a walk with a friend, or get a coffee, instead of having a smoke.

6. What are the actions you need to take to realize your goal? Attach deadlines if appropriate. (Did you just freak out? If so, look back to question #2 for moral support!)

7. What is the next step you can take towards your goal? When will you have this completed by? (Did you freak out again? Look back to question #2 for moral support as often as you need.)

8. Who do you have to be to make this goal? What kind of person?

9. How will you create accountability for realizing your goal? (Check all that apply.)
  • I will check in with a friend (please note who and how often).
  • I will create a chart / schedule (please note where & how often you will use it).
  • I will create a reminder on my calendar / PDA / computer.
  •  will tell lots of friends and acquaintances (Who or how many? By when?).
10. My hope is that you use these techniques to create a rewarding career and personal life this year.

Please feel free to pass along to friends or colleagues who may benefit from them. Good luck on your new year’s resolutions and goals!

Courtesy of Lifehack
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