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San Angelo Lifestyles Winter 2022

Life is not always picture perfect ... but when life happens it is important to remember to be thankful in each season (easier said than done, right?). But, instead of terrible two’s I love to say terrific two’s because it really is all about perspective. As my sweet Great Uncle Lefty has always said, “Be thankful for the season you are never know the next one might be worse.” This was said in jest but really how often are we guilty of not being present and instead thinking, “I will be happy when {insert your future plan of contentment here}...once we move, my child is potty trained, the kids are out of college, I get a better job, we have a new President in office {so on and so forth}, then I will make more time or be content.” Instead I challenge our readers (& myself) to be present and thankful in the now. Let’s go out and live today to the fullest for His kingdom instead of our own. After 12 years of featuring various articles across this great state of Texas, I see a trend of people who have gone through hard things and yet they chose to walk them out with courage and thanksgiving. Let’s go out today and follow their example! 

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